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This is some good shit right here. Everyone did an amazing job!

This was pretty epic, I will admit. However, who is this rabbit character? I did not see much development in his character nor did I find his design very appealing. His only saving grace was the talented voice work, which enhanced the experience far beyond expectations, so I would say it makes up for some of the flaws in his character. Overall this made for quite the epic viewing experience!!!,! XD

RGPAnims responds:

god bless

This is super cute and charming. Great thesis film!

JustinLArt responds:

Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you liked it!

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I've been playing this game pretty frequently since it came out. I think the concept is genius!

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah it's on my task list to make it a mobile game would work great hehe


Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man

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Shit man, really? That's terrible. During the whole financial struggle too. Great song though! I hope you get the whole financial problem sorted, as well as the stolen car problem if you can. Do you have car insurance that'll cover it?

JohnnyGuy responds:

Yeah seriously, was inconvenient, but I got my car back a few weeks ago, mentioned it in the factioncast episode 2 from what I recall. Yeah it was covered and I didn't have to pay anything since I got the car back without damage. I figured I wanted to go back to my roots and make light of the situation, so I wanted to turn the negative things in my life into negative things. I have another one on the way ;). Thanks!

Neat! It's nice to hear some updates.

JohnnyGuy responds:


It's been a while since I booted up Metroid Prime. I guess I'm gonna have to go for another 100% run. Great work on this track. Stays true to the original track, and adds some nice changes to it as well. Nice!

MiguelVolkov responds:

I've been playing Metroid Prime on these vacations, and just reminded how great this game was, that's why I decided to make a nice mix from it. I'm glad you liked this mix. Thank you so much

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Glad to hear you're feeling a lot better! Your art is really fun and charming. Love the colors in this one. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

This is a really cool design. Really nice shapes.

I love the colors in this one.

I like animating piss.

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